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Members are required to work 9 hours during work week (Sunday, February 13 – Friday, February 18)

Times are exact minutes work- we don’t round up for CBB week! (So if you get to the expo @ 4:15 and leave at 5 its 45 min worked). There will be a notebook to sign in/out each time you are working.

Available Work Hours:

o   Sunday 2/13= 2-4/5 (storage shed, tarp for dirt, start making things that need to be built)

o   Monday 2/14= 4-6 (Mark will hang lights, drapes, etc)

o   Tuesday 2/15= 1-7 (Mark will bring tables, chairs, etc; DSU stage, PDS risers)

o   Wednesday 2/16= 1-7

o   Thursday 2/17 = 1-7

o   Friday 2/18 = 9-2; arrive at gym for the night at 5

o   Saturday 2/19 = 10 am (MANDATORY clean up)


Evening of CBB Timeline:

o   5 - arrive at gym, take group picture

o   6 - Ball begins

§  Dinner & silent auction begins

§  Entertainment by Dr. James Robinson

o   7:30 – Welcome by master of ceremonies (Mr. Don Conger)

§  Coronation

§  Presentation of court

§  Trumpet soloist by Mr. Evan Mealer

§  Presentation of Royalty

o   8:30 – live auction (Clint Russel)

o   9-12 – band (Creativity)

Additional Information:

-          Spouses get in free unless they want a seat (there will be high tables along edge)

-          Drawdown tickets are due back by Friday, February 4, 2022 to Stephanie at South Group or Lana’s (locked) mailbox @ 206 Ronaldman

-          Please put your yard sign out! Provisionals, Amanda has yours.

-          Please note your CBB committee vs night of committees. I am attaching these for reference!

Recording Secretary

Meeting excuses and reports

Corresponding Secretary

For all correspondence that should be shared with the entire chapter

Junior Auxiliary Prayer

Send us, O God, as Thy messengers to the hearts without a home, to the lives without love, to the crowds without a guide. Send us to the children whom none have blessed, to the famished whom none have visited, to the fallen whom none have lifted, to the bereaved whom none have comforted.

Kindle Thy flame on the alters of our hearts, that others may be warmed thereby; cause Thy light to shine in our souls that others may see the way; keep our sympathies and insight ready, our wills keen, our hands quick to help others in their need.

Grant us clear vision, true judgment, with great daring as we seek to right the wrong, and so endow us with cheerful love that we may minister to the suffering and forlorn even as Thou wouldst. May the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit rest upon us and upon all our work. May He give us light to guide us, courage to support us, and love to unite us now and forever more. 


Making Hours "Count" 

Education: You are required to have 12 Education Hours per year. Six of those must be from attending Chapter Meetings.

If you are learning something, these hours are considered Education. Annual, Regional, & Chapter meetings are all counted as Education hours. 


  • Chapter meetings

  • Chapter sponsored seminars

  • AEC (Annual Education Conference)

  • Area Meetings

  • Provisional Training Meetings (for Provisionals only)

Administrative: There is no Administrative Hour requirement.

If you are helping "run" our Chapter, these hours are considered Administrative. Board meetings, committee meetings, project research and/or evaluation are all counted as Administrative hours. 


  • Planning/organizing projects

  • Attending board or committee meetings

  • Making phone calls

  • Sending emails

  • Reserving buildings

  • Hanging signs for events

  • Delivering letters/information to schools

  • Getting items/props out of storage

  • Making copies

  • Getting event volunteers

Service: You are required to have 24 Service Hours per year. Three of those must be Child Welfare. These hours must also include all Exceptional Education projects.

If you are serving others, these hours are considered Service. If you are working with children, these hours are considered as Service. For example, if you are stuffing registration bags for the Kids' Fun Run, preparing cupcakes for a Bear Bucks party, or working in the classroom with Exceptional Education, these are all counted as Service hours. The key is that you're working directly with or to benefit the children. Planning a project is not service, but preparing items for the children as part of a project is considered service.


  • Attending an event

  • Working directly with or benefiting children

  • Preparing/making/creating items for children to use

  • Stuffing registration bags for Fun Run

  • Stuffing goodie bags for the Bear Bucks party

  • Making/cooking cupcakes for the Bear Bucks party

  • Making/cooking food for Crown Club or Court Social (buying already made cookies doesn't count)

  • Creating the Lap Reading brochure

  • Making games for Bear Bucks party or Exceptional Education

  • Shopping and delivering items for the Backpack Buddies

Child Welfare Events for 2019-2020:

  • September School Visits

  • November School Visits

  • January School Visits

  • March School Visits

  • April School Visits

Financial: You are required to have 8 Financial Hours per year. All financial hours come from Children's Benefit Ball. 

If you are planning and preparing for Children's Benefit Ball, these hours are considered Financial; they do not count toward your Service or Education hours. You must work 8 hours during the week of Children's Benefit Ball. 

A few Reminders:

Minimum Requirements for the Year (May 1- April 30):

24 Service Hours (hours working with children)

If you are unable to attend a project to which you have been assigned, you must secure a substitute. If you neglect to attend a project assignment, you will be fined two hours of service time.

12 Education Hours (must attend at least 6 chapter meetings)

If you are unable to attend a Chapter meeting, let the board members know before the board meeting. Also, turn in your hours to the Corresponding Secretary.

Throughout your time in JA, you must attend 3 Area and/or Regional meetings. 

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