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Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland

Project Preview




***Due to Covid-19, all projects are subject to change.  The chapter will be kept up to date of all changes through the chapter meetings and emails.***




Chair:   Ashley Williams

Co-Chair:   Lindsay Brown


Purpose:  To instill virtues in children at an early age in order to aid them in developing into self-reliant adults; building self-esteem through various accomplishments.



Activities:  Character Counts Week


Purpose:  To teach children about the six (6) pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship by offering hands-on activities and presentations from various community speakers and JA members.



Member Participation:  This project requires JA members for each day of activities. A 1-hour program will be conducted over 3-5 days during the 3rd full week of October at designated school(s). At least 4 JA members will be needed at Pearman Elementary school with a volunteer time of approximately 1 hour.







Chair:  Price Rosson

Co-Chair:  Blair Ladner


Purpose:  To educate community children and parents about the dangers that surround children and the safety measures that can be taken to protect them. Special programs are held in the community to help children make better choices regarding safety.



Activities:   Kid Care ID’s


Children Served:  Approximately 50 school age children at a time.


Purpose:  To provide Kid Care ID’s to kids at local schools. This is an ongoing project. Local schools contact JA for this service to students attending overnight field trips.

In light of the global pandemic, Child Safety assembled 150 Covid Care packets for children and distributed them at the local farmer’s market and doctor’s offices.


Member Participation: Participation is voluntary with a sign-up sheet at the meeting.








Chair: Hannah Satterfield

Co-Chair:  Kim Brown


Purpose:  The purpose of our Child Welfare project is to provide meaningful activities and learning experiences for the children with disabilities being served in the Cleveland School District.  This year, we hope to provide these children with classroom visits to promote our “A Better You” program and opportunities to experience the arts through a series of field trips and in the classroom celebrations.


Children Served:  JA Membership directly serves students at Bell Academy, Nailor Elementary, Parks Elementary, Cleveland Central Middle School and Cleveland Central High School.  The children range in age from approximately 3-21 years.


JA purchases tickets and provides transportation, through the CSD, to enable these students to attend BPAC performances, however, we do not attend these performances with the children.


This program also provides the students with a Halloween Carnival, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Party, and End of the School Year Party.  


A complete list of Child Welfare dates, topics, and classroom assignments is attached at the end of this program.



Activities:  “A BETTER YOU” Classroom Visits



Purpose:  “A Better You” program will be hosted by JA members. JA members will provide students in learning life skills and safety to make them a better student/person in the school, home, and community.  A variety of themes will be used throughout the year- guest speakers, handouts, sample items, games, cards, and trivia will be provided.



Schedule of events will be provided at the beginning of each school year.



Member Participation:  Members are required to earn a minimum of 3 service hours per year in Child Welfare.


Participation is mandatory for all classroom visits with your assigned classroom.  If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. 



Participation at off site Child Welfare activities, such as the Halloween Carnival and Easter Egg Hunt, is also mandatory but will be done through sign-up sheets in one hour intervals,






Chair:  Christie Sledge

Co-Chair:  Rae Crews


Purpose:  The Crown Club is a way to promote community and charity to the young impressionable girls of our members.  Our objective is to enforce the importance of volunteering in the community; to develop leadership skills and character that these girls will be able to carry on to high school/college; to prepare for good citizenship; and to demonstrate concern for others.  The Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland Crown Club shall be an affiliate of the Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland and its policies shall be in harmony with the policies of the Cleveland Junior Auxiliary.


The following are requirements these girls must possess to be eligible for Crown Club: 

  • Must be in grades 5-12

  • Must reside “locally” (close enough that it is no problem to attend monthly events)

  • Must be a daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter, or step granddaughter of a life, associate, active, or provisional Junior Auxiliary member

  • Must complete the application process.

  • Must possess a positive attitude and a willingness to work.

  • All girls who return the application will automatically be accepted into the Cleveland Junior Auxiliary Crown Club.  Those who fail to return the application will NOT be considered a member of the Crown Club.  **Please note:  Only those that complete the application process and fulfill the requirements will be eligible to participate on the 6th grade Children’s Benefit Ball Court.


Once the child is accepted as a member of the Cleveland JA Crown Club, the following requirements must be met during the JA calendar year (May-April): 

  • Members must have a positive attitude and be willing to work.

  • Members who fail to uphold their duties will be released from the Cleveland Crown Club. 


Activities that are typically done yearly are as follows:

  1. “Stuff the Bus” - Crown Club members and JA members ask for and receive donations and school supplies from Wal-Mart patrons to donate to Bolivar County Schools.

  2. Welcome Party – Crown Club members are invited to a social to welcome them to Crown Club.

  3. Muffins for Mentors - Crown Club members bake muffins and deliver them to life members.

  4. Octoberfest Children’s Fun Run – Crown Club members stuff bags that are given to children participating in the Octoberfest Children’s Fun Run.  Crown Club members also assist with the Fun Run activities.

  5. Hoop It Up – attend the JA Special Sports program with the exceptional education students.

  6. Family Adoption – Crown Club members go shopping for our Exceptional Education students and provide them with Christmas presents.

  7. Wrap Nutcracker ornaments for VOICES OF YOUTH dancers in 2021/2022.

  8. Canned Food Drive- Crown Club members brought canned food and goods that were donated to Helping Hands.

  9. Crown Club members attend a manners or first aid class.

  10. Children’s Benefit Ball – Crown Club members create an art project to be donated at the Children’s Benefit Ball

  11. Exceptional Education Easter Egg Hunt – Crown Club members stuff the Easter eggs.

  12. Crosstie- Members assist with events at Crosstie Arts Festival.


Crown Club members may also assist in other JA projects where needed.  These projects are evaluated and decided on each year.  New projects may be done and old ones dropped yearly as voted on by the Crown Club committee.                                                          


Member participation is voluntary upon the completion and acceptance of the application.






Chair:  Win Hester

Co-Chair:  Joannah Taylor


**Cultural chair serves on the Crosstie Board.


Purpose: To expose area children to and expand their interest in all areas of the arts.  Culture is one of the five fields of service of Junior Auxiliary.



Activities:  Crosstie Festival's Annual Art and Writing Contest


Children Served:  Open to all area children in 4k - 12th grades.


Purpose:  JA sponsors the children's art and writing contests for the Crosstie Arts Festival.  We provide the prize money for the  selected Bolivar County winners in each category.  The Crosstie Arts Council provides the prize money for those winners outside of  Bolivar County. 


Membership Participation:  Participation is voluntary and will be requested through sign-up sheets.   



Activities:  Community Mural/Art Project (this project is usually conducted every other year)


Children Served:  JA will seek youth with the following interests: interests in public art-making’s connection to graffiti and street culture; our programs increase their self-confidence and ability to express themselves, develop new skills, and work in diverse groups: and they value the chance to work with professional artists and do something meaningful for their community.


Purpose:  To bring together youth, professional artists, and community in partnership. To use art as a tool for social change by creating high quality works of public art.


Collaborating with established artists and community organizations, youth will transform public spaces with dynamic murals, mosaics, and sculptures that enhance the quality of life in our community.


This project will attract youth interested in art-making’s connection to graffiti and street culture;  increase participants’ self-confidence and ability to express themselves, develop new skills, and work in diverse groups: and they will value the chance to work with professional artists and do something meaningful for their community.


Membership Participation:  Participation is voluntary.





Chair: Haley Chaney

Co-Chair: Katy Barbati


Purpose: To assist families and children in the community with needs for food, clothing, school supplies, and household goods. We typically do not assist with utility bills. Member participation: Once the emergency aid chair receives a request for help, a $50 gift card will be purchased. 


Emergency Aid is also responsible for the Care Closet and Thrift Store.


Activities:  Care Closet


Children Served:  JA Members serve the students at local area schools by providing essential needs to the children at that school.


Purpose:  The Care Closet was established at local area schools to provide necessity items for children in need.  The closet contains items from toothpaste, deodorant, underwear, socks, uniforms, etc.- anything to assist a child who doesn't have items to meet their basic needs. We hope to expand this project to other schools.


Activities:  Thrift Shop


Children Served:  JA members will serve the children of Cleveland by hosting a thrift shop.


Purpose:  The purpose of the thrift shop is to help provide essential needs (clothing) to the children/families of our area at a bare minimum cost per person/family.  This is not a money-making project for JA.


Membership Participation: Participation in voluntary.



6623868702Foster Families


Chair: Joannah Taylor

Co-Chair:  Haley Chaney



Foster Families is a newly adopted project for the chapter.  It was initiated by the 2019-2020 provisional class, where they hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for the foster children and their families in Bolivar County, complete with a visit from Santa bringing the children new Christmas pajamas.


Purpose:  To provide support to the children being served through the foster care system of Bolivar County.  This year, the committee plans to provide new shoes to the children to start off the school year and host a Thanksgiving meal and springtime celebration.


Member Participation:  Participation is voluntary.








Chair:   Amanda Robinson

Co-Chair:  Lisa Cooley


Activities:  Sensory Pathways


Children Served:  Children at various schools in the delta area


Purpose: Young students often need an outlet during the school day to help refocus their attention. Sensory pathways were created to address this need. These pathways allow movement and sensory input in a fun structured manner, while avoiding over-stimulation. They allow children to refocus, which ultimately increases cognition and retention of new information. In order for students to acquire academic skills in math, reading and writing, they need the underlying foundational abilities of appropriate attention, behavior, engagement, comprehension, and memory. Sensory pathways are helpful for elementary school children, in both special education and traditional classrooms. These pathways are especially beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders, such as: Autism, ADD, and ADHD.


Membership Participation:  Participation is voluntary.   



Activities:  JA Kids’ Fun Run (October)


Children Served:  Project is free for children 4k thru 6th grade


Purpose:  On the Saturday of Octoberfest weekend, we hold a Kids’ Fun Run.  The event is publicized through flyers in the schools.  The purpose is to promote physical activity and healthy choices.  Children will receive a free t-shirt and goodie bag.  Healthy snacks and water are provided.  Members are needed to pass out snacks/water and be there for registration and assisting with the run.  This project embodies the JA national focus which is “healthy children, healthy futures.”


Member Participation:  Participation is voluntary



Activities:  Summer Baseball Tournaments (if needed)


Children Served:  Approximately 400+ served 


Purpose:  To help with the gate and concessions for this Memorial tournament.  Proceeds from this tournament fund Park Commission projects.  This is a huge event for our community.  It also is great publicity for JA. 


Member Participation:  Participation is voluntary.











Chair:  Leah Ferretti

Co-Chair: Jennifer Armstrong


Purpose:  To recognize and honor the top scholars in our county. To assist with the promotion of scholarships that are available to graduate students who are pursuing degrees in fields which address the special needs of  children and who plan on working directly with children.



Activities:  Annual Essay Contest and Scholarship Banquet


Children Served:  Approximately 22 or more students in the Bolivar County area.


Purpose:  Seeking, screening, and assisting applicants for the NAJA Scholarship Essay contest to help identify our county scholars. JA sponsors an essay contest and hosts a banquet honoring the scholars who meet the qualifications for participation.  The three winners of the essay contest are awarded scholarships to the college of their choice.


Member Participation:  Participation at the banquet is voluntary. Members are notified on the JA calendar and sign-up sheets are passed at the meetings.


NAJA Scholarship Program Purpose:  Communicate and facilitate, as needed, NAJA Scholarships Program information to the Delta State University Dean of Graduate Studies.


Membership Participation:  Participation is voluntary.





Chair: Sydney DeFillips

Co-Chair: Stephanie Melton


Purpose:   To conduct programs for underprivileged children that will help develop an interest and skills in sports and special recreational programs and assist with special recreation programs in the community as needed.

Activities: JA Summer Fun Day


Children Served: Approximately 30-40 children who attend the special education summer program within the Cleveland School District.


Purpose: To provide a fun celebration for the children as they have successfully completed the summer school program.  JA coordinates with the special education coordinator to provide inflatable bounce houses, inflatable slides, and several indoor “games” which are all manned by JA members. This project takes place at the location of the summer program that given year.


Activities:  JA Special Sports “Hoop It Up” Basketball


Children Served:  Approximately 25-30 children from Cleveland Central Middle School and Cleveland

Central High School


Purpose:  DSU basketball teams will partner with JA during the Spring school semester for about an hour and a half of basketball lessons and play followed by a pizza party.  The instruction will take place at the DSU Coliseum or the Wyatt Gym.  Culmination of this project will be  the students attending a DSU basketball game where they will be recognized for their participation in the program.  Participating kids will receive a souvenir such as a t-shirt/jersey. 


Member Participation:  Participation is voluntary. Members will sign-up to participate. We will use a CSD bus for transportation purposes.



Activities:  Special Sports Bowling Party

Children Served:  Approximately 25-30 students from Cleveland Central Middle School and Cleveland Central High School   


Purpose:  The purpose of this event is to provide the students a fun activity away from school. This event is held in August. Participates will bowl for about an hour and a half. Activity will be followed by a pizza party, etc.


Member Participation:  Participation is voluntary. Members will sign-up to participate. We will use a CSD bus for transportation purposes.







Purpose:  "A Child's Dream", an adaptation of “The Nutcracker” is performed every three years. Voices of Youth encompasses the diversity of artistic expression through various means of participation. Cleveland-Bolivar county children have the opportunity to view a theatrical production, as well as, participate in the artistic interpretation on both canvas and stage. The next production will be held December 2012.


Children Served:  More than 250 children performed in the production in 2018, 1,200 children and teachers attended the free matinee performance, and over 1,200 people attended the evening performance.


Member Participation:  Participation is mandatory.



Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland’s NAJA Awards












2013-2014 PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD – SERVICE                                   2016-2017 PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD – SERVICE

                                                                                                                              2017-2018 PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD – FINANCE

                                                                                                                              2017-2018 PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD - SERVICE

                                                                                                                                       2019-2020 PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD-FINANCE

The PUBLIC RELATIONS AWARD - SERVICE award recognizes the Chapters who have made an outstanding example of public relations in promoting a specific service project and/or their Chapter through the media.



2001 MARTHA WISE AWARD for “A Child’s Dream”

2006 MARTHA WISE AWARD for “Reality Check”

2012 MARTHA WISE AWARD for “A Child’s Dream”

2014 MARTHA WISE AWARD for “Hoop It Up! Basketball”


2016 MARTHA WISE AWARD for “A Child’s Dream”


                                                                                                                               2020 MARTHA WISE AWARD for Sensory Pathways                    

The MARTHA WISE AWARD is designed to encourage Chapters in carrying out the basic objectives of Junior Auxiliary, to search for community needs, and to demonstrate how these needs may be met.  The project must be an outstanding community service project that that demonstrates initiative, ingenuity, and imagination in searching out needs in the community.





2018 NORMAN DELONG EDUCATION AWARD for “Character Counts”


The NORMA DELONG EDUCATION AWARD recognizes outstanding Chapter education programs and/or projects.



2014 LOUISE ESKRIGGE CRUMP AWARD for “Child Welfare – Backpack Buddies & Bear Buck Rewards”

2017 LOUISE ESKRIGGE CRUMP AWARD for “Clay Family Adoption”


The LOUISE ESKRIGGE CRUMP AWARD is designed to encourage chapters in carrying out the basic objectives of Junior Auxiliary, to search for community needs and to demonstrate how these needs may be met. The project must be an outstanding community service project that demonstrates initiative, ingenuity and imagination in searching out the needs of the community.



2008-09 NATIONAL FOCUS AWARD FOR “Hoop it UP! Basketball Camp”

2019-2020 WILMA WILBANKS NATIONAL FOCUS AWARD for Character Counts Program


The NATIONAL FOCUS AWARD honors the Chapters who sponsor outstanding projects pertaining to the National Focus.  NAJA National Focus is "Healthy Children~Healthy Futures".




1999          Mrs. David Walt (Marcia)

2000          Mrs. Paul Janoush (Lucy)

2003          Mrs. Ken McCool (Cynthia)

2007          Mrs. J. Kirkham Povall (Hilda)

2008          Mrs. Roy Collins (Linda)

2009          Mrs. Gerald Jacks (Beth Boswell)

2010          Mrs. Rusty Parker (Carla)                                                          

2012    Mrs. Will Jacks (Jaime)

2014    Mrs. Bob Wilbanks (Wilma)

2015    Mrs. Kenny Makamson (Diane)

2016    Mrs. Jim Tims (Frances)

2017    Mrs. Ben Pentecost (Vicki)

2018    Mrs. Raymond Huerta (Sandy)

2019    Ms. Bootsie Lyon


2011          Mrs. Scott Fuquay (Michelle)



THE BETTY ROBBINS VOLUNTEER-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD recognizes individual Associate or Life members who epitomize the distinguished volunteer commitment of the late Betty Robbins, 1992-93 Association President. Awards selection is based on commitment/involvement to Chapter as an Active member, commitment/involvement to Chapter as an Associate/Life member, commitment/involvement in community and commitment to NAJA. 








The MERRILL ALEXANDER GREENLEE (MAG) OUTSTANDING PROVISIONAL PROJECT AWARD recognizes the Chapter whose  Provisional Class develops an outstanding or unique project that exemplifies the spirit of Junior Auxiliary in dedication and service to the community.  The entire Provisional Class must participate in at least one aspect of the Project.  The project must be new to the Chapter.




The FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP AWARD recognizes the Chapters who have 100% of their membership donate to NAJA.





                                                                                           EFFICIENY AWARD



1996-97                                                1997-98                                                   1998-99                                          1999-2000                                                

2000-01                                                2001-02                                                   2002-03                                         2003-04

2004-05                                                2005-06                                                    2006-07                                         2007-08

2008-09                                                2009-10                                                    2010-11                                            2011-12

2013-14                                                2014-15                                                    2015-16                                         2016-17

2017-18                                                2018-19


The EFFICIENCY AWARD recognizes Chapters who meet various NAJA filing and reporting deadlines throughout the year.



The Award of Excellence 2010-11

The Award of Excellence 2018-19

The Award of Excellence 2019-2020



2014 – Vicki Pentecost, life member of JA of Cleveland, was recognized for achieving the NAJA Foundation “Fellow” level of giving.

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